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The Injury Lawyer California that Cares

ledger lawAbout 2 months ago, I was involved in a motorcycle accident as I was riding home after visiting friends. It was on a Saturday evening and this car came out of nowhere, and as I was trying to avoid a head on collision, I lost control and ended up in a ditch. The other driver did not even stop. I was assisted by other road users and soon I was in an ambulance to hospital. Thankfully, I did not sustain serious injuries, but my motorcycle was badly damaged. One of my friends who came to visit me in hospital recommended I consult an injury lawyer California.

The problem is, I did not know any lawyers and given the fact that the other driver had not been identified, I did not fancy my chances of getting any compensation. He however insisted and even went ahead to call Ledger Law Firm for me. To my surprise, his call was received almost immediately and after some introduction, I told them what had happened.

They suggested that I meet with them in person but I informed them I was still in hospital. They got the details of the hospital and the following day, an attorney was sent to speak to me. He evaluated my case and informed me that he will be back as soon as he talks with the police. It did not take him long before he called to inform me that he had found the driver who caused the accident and he suggested the way forward.

Within a few weeks, Ledger Law Firm had taken my case forward and the other party had suggested that we settle. All this time I rarely met with them but still my case was being handled with the speed and care it deserved. I did not even pay a penny in terms of legal fees until everything was settled. All my medical bills were settled and after I was discharged from hospital, I was informed that I was to receive a new bike from the other drive’s insurance firm.

I was amazed by the progress of my case that I decided to meet the man behind this law firm and see for myself if he was for real or what. I met Mr. Ledger himself and to my surprise, he knew the facts about my case even though he was not the attorney on record.

With them, they do not just help you get what you deserve after an accident, but they also make a follow up to see how you are doing long after the case is concluded. This is something I found very encouraging because most lawyers will be done with you once they get their money or even worse, after you lose a case and do not know what to do next. I strongly recommend Ledger Law Firm because I don’t think there is any injury attorney California out there who is as dedicated and cares about their clients as much as this law firm.


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