Choosing a Glass Shower Door

Adding a shower with glass accents to your bathroom can be a great focal point and make the whole space seem more luxurious. It can also increase the value of your home when quality glass materials are used. When deciding to add glass shower doors Dallas TX to your home, consider what type of glass to use, how to care for the glass and how to maintain it for years to come.

Clear Glass Versus Frosted Glass

There are two options for the type of glass for your shower door: clear glass or frosted glass. Clear glass may work for some spaces as it can make the room feel more open and airy, but frosted glass has its benefits too. It is much more forgiving for water and soap spots and can be easier to clean; with clear glass, any tiny spot left behind will be much more noticeable.

Caring for Glass

Keeping glass clean is perhaps the most urgent need for your glass shower doors. Using a regular or foaming glass cleaner is often the best way to get glass clean and should be done on a regular basis. For some, it is easier to wipe down the shower and spray glass cleaner as soon as they are done with the shower. This way, the shower never truly gets dirty and has the proper daily maintenance.

Maintaining Glass

Although shower glass is of a particularly strong variety, as with glass in any other part of your house it can become damaged. If after several years of owning the glass you find a crack or nick, it is important to have a glass repair service assess and repair the area before it grows too much.

Glass shower doors can do wonders for the looks of your bathroom, and keeping them looking their best is essential to keeping your bathroom in pristine shape.