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yrooI am a widower whose children were settled in different parts of the country. I was happy that they were content with their lives. I was all alone. Also, it has been five years since I retired. As a result, I did not know so as to how I should pass my time. That’s the reason I started surfing the Internet. It might come across as a surprise that a person of my age is tech savvy. However; that was my only resort. While browsing the Internet, I stumbled upon online contest giveaway. I thought of entering the contest for fun. I registered myself since I did not have to purchase anything for entering the contest.

I thought that they might ask for my credit card information while registering myself. I was shocked when they did not have any column which talked about providing information related to my credit card. You will be elated to know that the site is absolutely free. You need not pay any amount of money for the contest. I decided to enroll myself for indulging myself in some kind of amusement. One fine day, while I was taking an online tutorial at Coursera, I received a notification saying that I have got an e-mail. Thinking that it must be spam, I decided to read the mail later. I read the mail at night. I sprang with joy after reading the mail. It said that I had won the free contest. I wanted to confirm the news. As a result, I called the number that was mentioned in the mail.

The person on the other line told me that the news is absolutely true. My happiness knew no bounds. The delight was inexplicable. I always thought that these contests giveaways are full of fake promises. I was of the opinion that all they could do is dupe people. This incident changed my opinion about these contests. I was more than elated to see that they had posted my name as the winner on their Facebook and Twitter accounts respectively. I felt as if I have achieved something big.

I was now waiting for the prize to arrive at my doorstep. The day it arrived, I received it utmost excitement. I assumed that the shipping charges were on me and was about to pay. However; I was in for a surprise when I got to know that the contest authorities will be taking care of the shipping charges. Moreover; the gift that they gave was also good.

After listening to my experience, many of my friends have started entering the contest. When I told my children about the contest, they were more than happy for me. As a result, I have started taking part in other contests as well. The fear of losing my money or not receiving anything does not persist anymore. One should bear in mind the fact that these contests are for fun. However; the authorities make sure that they fulfill their promise. You can decipher that from my experience. I am glad to have found the contest online.

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