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Hire Crane from Overhead Crane Manufacturers in India

scraneThe demand and supply chain is incomplete without displacement and transportation of goods. Even on construction sites, no job is fulfilled without proper equipment for carrying raw materials from one spot to another. Depending on how the construct is, the method and means of displacing these goods also vary. Certain architectural requirements necessitate the inclusion of high end equipment such as single girder eot crane, which better serves light to medium duty jobs. Being a civil engineer myself, I understand concerns related to these equipments really well. I have personally suffered the damages of technical negligence, which incurred more costs than hiring one.

During one of my projects, the overhead crane experienced a sudden breakdown. When we attempted to make it work anyway, the machine crawled for one last time before coming to a halt forever. Our client had specially requested us to wrap up the work as quickly as possible. We could hardly afford technical difficulties at that moment. However, in spite of repeated attempts, the crane refused to budge. We called upon our in-house technician to examine its faults and to determine whether it could be put to further use. After about twenty minutes of careful scrutiny, he shook his head dramatically, calling for an immediate replacement.

The urgent task in hand was to search for a reliable eot crane manufacturer in Mumbai. Our project manager pulled some strings and acquired a couple of contacts for the purpose. He called upon a meeting, addressing the issue and urging us to speak to all of the services and make a rental purchase as soon as possible. This task was distributed among subordinates who were to report to me with one of the best overhead crane manufacturers in India.

I had to stay back and work overtime because of this task. After my shift, I received a call from one of the subordinates about a crane manufacturing company located half an hour away from the office. Our project manager, an associate, and I went down to the company location to speak with the manager personally. We specified our requirements and urged him to send over one of their equipments for testing. The supervisor gave us a demo run of the equipment before dispatching it to the site location.

I appointed a subordinate to keep an eye on the equipment for the rest of the day. The next morning, I went down to the site to witness the proceedings. The new equipment seemed to have been monitored and managed really well and our technician also gave it a green signal for use. The trainees also had no reason to complain about.

Meanwhile, we had to dispose of the older machine and provide compensation to our previous dealers. They were pretty hot headed about the negligence and blatantly demanded a hefty sum for repairing the damages. It took some time to tone down the issue to an acceptable stage of negotiation. This taught me the importance of attending to all kinds of tasks, irrespective of their significance. In the end, all equipments deserve regular maintenance.


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