Fire Safety Tips

Fire safety should be practiced year round, but when the weather gets cold, it is particularly important. Many people use portable heaters, fireplaces, or electric blankets to aid in keeping warm when the temperatures dip. It is important that these items are safe to reduce the risk of a fire.

Clean Chimneys

If you are planning to use your fireplace for extra heat, it should be cleaned each year. The build up of soot can cause a fire that often spreads to the rest of the home quickly. Make sure the damper is working correctly. Cleaning also helps to get rid of nests that birds or rodents could have built in the chimney. These nests can also cause a chimney fire. An example of a company that provides a Chimney sweep in Washington DC is 301 Chimney.

If you are using portable heaters, make sure they are never near anything combustible. It is recommended that they should be at least three feet from furniture or other things that could catch fire. Never leave children unattended around the heaters. Do not use extension cords on portable heaters. They should be plugged directly into outlets, and check cords for fraying or exposed wires.

Smoke Alarms Can Save Lives

Your home should have several smoke alarms. There should be one in every bedroom as well as other areas of the house. Make certain the batteries are changed regularly. A good way to remember to change them is to do so when the time changes in the spring and fall. If your smoke alarms have been in the home for many years, you should probably replace them.


If you are like many people, you may use candles for the ambiance as well as the aroma they provide in your home. However, it is essential that you make sure they are out before leaving the home or when you go to bed. They should not be near anything that could catch on fire. Although not all fires can be prevented, it is possible to reduce the risks by using a few precautions.